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Paul Howard, Fulton County Ga.'s, elected District Attorney has re-opened the case of the murder of an unarmed Black teen, Ariston Waiters, by a white Union City officer, Luther Lewis, citing "new evidence." But, who knew what? And when did they know it?
Ariston Waiters was shot (TWICE) in the back and officer Luther Lewis got off and resigned (citing PTSD) two years afterwards from Union City, but still retains his certification to be re-hired as an officer.
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Luther Lewis got off despite:
  • An investigation from the Chief of Police, Charles Odom.
  • An investigation from the District of Attorney, Paul Howard's office.
  • An investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), which cited forensic evidence not correlating with the officer's testimony.
  • An investigation by the Union City, Ga., elected officials, City Council.
  • An investigation by the F.B.I. Sally Yates office (who personally spoke with the Waiters family about the case.
  • And yet, it took a mother with no law degree to request the same documentation available to all the agencies and persons listed above to finally expose what seems to have been a cover-up of epic proportions.
Why did Paul Howard, Fulton County's elected official (DA) accept a personnel file for officer Luther Lewis with hardly anything in the folder?
Even in a simple motor vehicle accident everyone is interviewed and statements are taken: why was no statement taken by officer Luther Lewis' supervisor -- who was on the scene and saw Ariston Waiters take his last breath?
How did the F.B.I. miss something that a housewife could find with no formal training in investigative work?
If Channel 2 (WSBTV) and the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) hadn't agreed to investigate and sit down and listen to Ms. Waiters would the murder of Ariston Waiters from December 14, 2011 and the truth ever have been exposed, were it not for a persistent mother who loved her son?
Paul Howard is re-opening the case, but how was ALL of this missed to begin with?
WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND the IMMEDIATE ARREST of former officer, Luther Lewis and the IMMEDIATE FIRING of Chief Charles W. Odom. An officer responding to a call of two (female) teens fighting targets a Black male of all the children who fled. The 19-yr-old would have a 250lb+ white officer's knee pinning him face down into the grass on a cold night in December just before he was shot (TWICE) fatally IN THE BACK! The bullets pierced the liver and spine of this uninvolved and unarmed Black male who was left to "gasp like a goldfish" on the cold ground according to another officer on the scene.
WE THE PEOPLE are DEMANDING the (former) officer's IMMEDIATE ARREST and the IMMEDIATE FIRING of Charles W. Odom, the Chief of Police of the Union City Police, (Fulton County, Georgia, USA):